Thursday, 21th September - Residents’ day

Basic principles of spinal surgery

This day is organized to discuss for each of the main spinal surgical techniques "WHEN", with particular emphasis therefore on the indications and "HOW", underlining some of the most important and potentially critical surgical steps. Finally, for each technique, some of the most common and important complications will be treated and we will close with a few clinical cases that will serve as a starting point for the "decision making-process”.

08:00 Registration
08:45 Welcome and introduction
09:00 Surgical Approach to the thoracolumbar spine: hemilaminectomy/minihemilaminectomy/disk fenestration - Cristian Falzone
10:30 Coffee break and exhibition
11:00 Surgical approach to the Cervical spine: Ventral slot/dorsal laminectomy/hemilaminectomy - Frank Steffen
12:30 Lunch break
13:30 Surgical approach to the lumbosacral spine: dorsal laminectomy, lateral foraminotomy and vertebral stabilization - Frank Steffen
14:45 Lunch break and exhibition and poster discussion
15:15 Surgical treatment of vertebral fractures and subluxation - Cristian Falzone
16:30 End of the day
  Recommended lecture, with particular emphasis on the related topics of the day: Small Animal Spinal Disorders, 2nd edition, Nicholas JH Sharp and Simon J Wheeler, Elsevier 2005
19:30 Welcome reception – Boat Tour

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